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   Take a ride on the Teleferico near the sea in the zona velha to the top and visit the Garden of Monte Palace. Beautiful gardens and breathtaking views on the way up and down. Remember your camera on this outing!


    Go for a swim in the sea just across the street at the Barreirinha. Exit the house and go right, down the street, and then left to the Yellow Forte, you will find the San Tiago Beach, which is public and no charge .


   Fine dining across the street at the Riso Restaurant with beautiful sea views, also excellent dining at the Restaurant of the Yellow Forte. Arsenio’s restaurant has ‘ Fado’ singers in the evenings. Many good restaurants to choose from all within walking distance.


    Excellent Madeira Wines to enjoy on the island as well as traditional Madeira cuisine. Bacalhau (Cod fish) which has been dried and preserved with salt. It is soaked in water and prepared in several delicious ways. Also EspadaScabbard Fish, which dwell in the very deep local Atlantic Sea surrounding Madeira. This fish is light and delicate and sometimes served with bananas. Be sure to order Espada while visiting Madeira.


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