Flower Festival 2019

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The Flower Festival is a celebration of spring that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Stunning carpets of natural flowers fill the city’s main arteries, attracting the attention of visitors with their colourful beauty.

The festival’s main attraction is the Flower Parade, where flower-bedecked floats make their way through the streets of Funchal accompanied by hundreds of people dressed in costumes lavishly adorned with flowers.

There are also other flower-themed initiatives, like the “Wall of Hope”, where children place flowers symbolising hope for world peace.

While here, be sure to visit one of the many parks and gardens that the city has to offer.

Other activities during this time include the making of flower carpets in the streets, folklore performances, flower shows, classical music concerts and variety shows. Madeira Auto Parade is a parade of vintage motor vehicles, which is also included in the Flower Festival celebration programme, taking place at Avenida do Mar. This is a great opportunity to contemplate the best classic cars and motorcycles in Madeira.


Flower Festival 2019

Exhibits and Entertainment in downtown Funchal: 2nd to 26th of May 

The Wall of Hope Ceremony: 4th of May

Great Allegoric Flower Parade: 5th of May 

Madeira Auto Parade – Historical Classic Car Parade: 12th of May

Concerts: 19th of May 

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