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This year at VC Guesthouse, the decorating committee worked really hard.  Grace, Cinzia and Joe did an amazing job. Here are some pictures. 

VC Guesthouse offers a delightful and varied buffet breakfast in the charming antique dining room. 

Everyone enjoys socializing and exchanging ideas for activities on the island with fellow guests.

Going to the Farmers Market ‘Mercado dos Lavradores’ on the 23rd of December to purchase items needed for Christmas dinner has always been an important tradition in Madeira.However, this habit gained a new dimension when the youth of Madeira transformed it from a night of Christmas shopping to a night that incorporates Madeira style festivals. It is a party that lasts all night, with some excesses and lots of fun.

An interesting collection of artefacts related to the whale fishing industry, which was very important in Madeira until the 1970's.

Madeira Island is famous throughout the world for its natural beauty and is often called the 'floating garden in the Atlantic'.

This is the place to find the fauna, flora and geology of Madeira Island. Created in 1929 by the Municipality of Funchal, it also boasts an aquarium (with 15 tanks on display, where you can see the most important examples of the marine fauna of Madeira) and the Municipal Library.

This place exhibits Madeira embroidery, side by side with traditional costumes and furniture. In the Museum Center of IVBAM you will find several pieces of this type of embroidery, made between the 60s of the XIX century and the 30s of the XX century, and framed in the environment of the height, with furniture, decorative pieces and regional tapestries to complement the scenery.

The Madeiran star Cristiano Ronaldo personal museum located in Funchal shows an impressive life story collection of all the trophies conquered throughout his football career.

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